Who We Are

What makes TCB High Point so magical?
The POWER of FLOWERS of course!

Come see us for a while + feel the sparkle in your soul...
or wait, maybe that's just the champagne!

Anna Katherine Colomb


Anna Katherine Colomb or AK as her besties like to call her is a born + raised Memphian, with a passion for all the things that make life grand!

Even though Anna Katherine was on a path to becoming an attorney, she knew there was some reason she couldn't pull the trigger on law school. While living in Atlanta after college, her passion for fine dining, 5-course dinner parties + taking care of people through celebrating their biggest moments became her happiest work + the restaurant business stole her heart for 16 years.

Anna Katherine's drive for serving clients paired with the generosity of knowledge passed down from the industry's leading green florists as mentors have allowed her to become Memphis First + ONLY green florist.

In 2018 Anna Katherine founded TCB Co, a business centered on creating beautiful results, that honors the highest outcomes for the earth + our shared humanity!!


Whether you're pitching us your latest idea, scamming us with a Nigerian fortune or selling bitcoin, we'd rather not hear from you at all. No incoming emails will be received or responded to