Floral Design

Floral Design is one of the most celebrated facets of a special event. Well executed floral design punches up a space with wow moments of visual interest. TCB designers work closely with clients to execute a strategy that allows for super personal pieces within an overall design theme and budget. 

Floral work is an art of the heart and often takes many more hours of work than florists even build into their budget and pricing!! Creating your botanical dreamscape is our single most favorite task. We work with the industry's best wholesalers, American growers, and local flower farmers to provide stunning quality at the most affordable prices we can find. We would LOVE to be able to give you a pricing guide to help you quickly fiqure out your end budget, but custom floral design is just that- custom to your tastes, wants, and vision.

To provide the best service to our clients TCB designers will consult with you, using your color palate and reference images to create our own signature TCB designs for your special event.  We use foundational design principles to create work that is both timeless and specific to the client. We LOVE telling your love story with flowers!!!