8 Rehearsal Dinner Spots to Beat the Memphis Heat

TCB'S Favorite 8 Rehearsal Spots to Beat the Heat

            Everyone knows Memphis is a straight up swamp in the summer, making sure your guests don’t melt at your rehearsal dinner can be a challenge. Lots of restraunts air conditioning struggles to keep up with the sheer number of bodies in a space or the frequent opening and closing of doors. To help you plan the perfect special occasion we have chosen our ten favorite rehersal dinner spots for maximum Memphis enjoyment.


The Gray Canary

1.) The Gray Canary The latest from the AM Enjoy group, The Gray Canary, has style for days. Your maid of honor’s inta stories will be filled with beautiful vingettes, lux seating, and that certain on trend Je Ne Sais Quois. Not only will the food be outstanding, but guests can wander the old Dominick distillery as they wait for the always struggling wedding party to arrive. Plenty of AC here, but cool evening breezes allow for after dinner drinks at the upstairs bar and delectable views of the Memphis bridge! 

Website: https://thegraycanary.com/

Pontotoc Lounge

2) Pontotoc Lounge Located in the heart of south main street, Daniel Master’s pitch perfect value for intimate affairs. What we love most about this space, other than its gorgeous interior design, is the hard work from the kitchen staff that makes for amazing flavors at a crazy affordable price point. A cocktail list that could kill, this booze hound bar is the ultimate experience for the craft cocktail connoisseur, perfectly shaken for summer temps.

Website: https://pontotoclounge.com/

Aldo's Pizza Pies Midtown

3) Aldo's Pizza Pies Midtown With large crowds, sometimes finding the perfect menu can be difficult, but everybody loves pizza! We love Aldo’s Pizza Pies midtown location, given its affordable buy-out price and family friendly service. For rehearsals with lots of littles, this is an ideal spot. Ice cold Limoncello made in house is not only the celebratory drink of Italian culture, but the perfect cocktail to ease your nerves around crazy uncle Larry.

Website: https://www.aldospizzapies.com/

Pete and Sam's

4) Pete and Sam's After remodeling the famous back room, the southern Italian mob vibes are entirely too on point to miss. Who doesn’t love asking for a baby spinach pizza on the side with the spaghetti?!? We love this spot for the more gregarious. Its private feel and heavy air conditioning make for the perfect place for families that like to get down. A little-known secret, bring your own booze when you are pinching pennies.

Website: https://www.peteandsams.com/

The Second Line

5) The Second Line With two bars and an amazing staff, who doesn’t love po’boys, good times, and great oldies. Kelly and krewe serve up all the New Orleans hits at this French Quarter feeling oasis. With such a talented kitchen staff, specialized menus, are a breeze, so bring your krewe and let the good times roll.

Website: http://www.secondlinememphis.com/

Central BBQ East Memphis

6) Cental BBQ East Memphis Formerly Sharkey’s and Lyfe Kitchen, in hopefully its last incarnation, Central BBQ has planted its flag in east Memphis. Located just east of Ridgeway on poplar, this location has all the feel of an upscale restraint with the wallet friendliness of family style bbq. If all of your put of town guests want world famous Memphis bbq at somepoint during the weekend, why not feed it to them at your rehersal dinner?

Website: https://cbqmemphis.com/


Bhan Thai

7) Bahn Thai If the garden and patio doesn’t seal this for you, their new private dining space will. Artful Thai dishes will please even the skeptical guests. The crispy duck paired with jasmine fried rice might be one of the undiscovered wonders of the world. This intimate setting is the perfect place for sincere toasts fromy our best mates.

Website: http://www.bhanthairestaurant.com/mobile/


8) Acre We encourage brides to get married here all time, it is that beautiful. But, if your heart is set on a traditional venue, we couldn’t recommend Acre any more! Perhaps our most favorite interior design of any restraint in Memphis, if vogue magazine threw up a restaurant, it would be Acre. Timelessly on trend, with meals crafted for ultimate delight, Acre is the fine dining rehersal of our dreams. Spacious interiors and comfortable seating make for the perfect air conditioned retreat form the Memphis heat. Their talented staff will ensure every detail is prepared with the utmost care and attention for your once in a lifetime moment.

Website: http://acrememphis.com/